Those without eye problems often take their vision for granted. They can see everything from street signs to small print clearly and expect it to remain that way forever. However, as people age, it is not uncommon for their vision to deteriorate. They can no longer see as good as they once did, turning them into liabilities for their respective companies.

Sometimes, age has nothing to do with it. Some employees start wearing glasses when they are young, and that trend follows them through adulthood. The prescription lenses correct their poor eyesight and help them complete tasks. Yet, if these individuals don’t stay on top of things and fail to get exams, they can become liabilities for organizations too.

We will provide some examples here in a bit, explaining what we mean, but first, let’s talk about vision insurance. Employers should consider offering this benefit to their employees. It can cover some or all of the costs of eye exams, glasses, contacts, and procedures. That means their workers will be able to afford to go to the doctor whenever things get blurry, irritated, or whatever. Then, the doc can fix them up and make their vision as good as new. Now, we will discuss some scenarios that could come to fruition from doing nothing at all.

A Wreck In A Work Vehicle

Obviously, stellar vision is important when people operate motor vehicles. It prevents them from making mistakes and often keeps crashes at bay. However, if an employee’s lenses haven’t been upgraded in 20-years, that can be just asking for trouble. Perhaps the traffic in front and around them is closer than it appears. If that’s the case, he or she could slam into someone’s rear end in a work vehicle. Such incidents can get companies entangled in messy lawsuits, and nobody wants that. Hence, provide employees with vision insurance to prevent these disasters from arising.

Too Many Zeros

Many times, employees are in charge of placing orders. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with that. After all, the boss can’t do everything. However, if the person punching in the numbers has blurry vision, things could get bad in a hurry. For instance, maybe they were supposed to order 100 new computers for the office. Yet, because something is off with their eyesight, they punch in 1,000 by accident. There is no refund available because it was a packaged deal. Now, the company is out of a lot of money, but that could have been prevented with employer-sponsored vision insurance.

A Workplace Accident

This scenario unfolds in a warehouse. Let’s say an employee is using a scissor lift to reach boxes on a high shelf. There are warning signs around telling co-workers to keep their distance. However, one employee with vision problems can’t make out what the sign says. They walk right next to the equipment pulling boxes from lower shelves.

Then, the person on the scissor lift mishandles a package, and it falls, knocking the other party to the ground. They suffer a broken arm and fractured leg. The company will now be without a worker while they recover. Plus, they could have to pay them workers’ compensation. Not to mention, the organization might get sued. Keep these and other vision-related catastrophes in the review mirror by contacting National Insurance Partners and getting a quote today.

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