Why You Should Provide Health Insurance Instead Of Christmas Bonuses This Year

2020 has been anything but a typical year. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and it is still wreaking havoc today. The novel coronavirus has made millions and millions of people sick. It has also claimed the lives of over 270,000 Americans. The healthcare crisis has impacted various businesses, causing many of them to close their doors for good. As such, lots of folks are out of work and unemployed.

Even those lucky enough to still be employed are struggling financially. Unfortunately, Congress can’t seem to get its act together, and it is anybody’s guess as to whether there is any relief in sight. Many organizations attempt to give workers Christmas bonuses. Employees use the funds to buy gifts, pay for vacations, and more. There is certainly nothing wrong with going this route, and people are sure to appreciate it.

However, perhaps it is time to change things up this year. If your business does not offer health insurance, there has never been a better time than now to begin. The pandemic has left people without coverage wondering how they will cover medical expenses if disaster strikes. Folks have sacrificed a lot this year, including holiday gatherings, so your staff might be willing to do the same with Christmas bonuses in exchange for health insurance. Let’s take a look at why this switch makes sense.

Peace Of Mind

It is no secret that healthcare costs are out of control these days. Just going to the doctor or buying a prescription can seem nearly impossible for some, and extended hospital stays are entirely out of the question. A story came out not too long ago about an individual with COVID-19 receiving treatment and then a bill for over $1 million.

Nobody wants to worry about whether they will be able to afford medical attention when they need it or not. Health insurance provides employees with peace of mind. They like knowing they are covered for curveballs that life throws their way.

Fewer Sick Days Throughout The Year

Nobody wins when workers are out sick. Agents lose out on money they could be earning, particularly if their respective organizations do not have paid sick leave. Companies get behind on tasks and projects. That can spell big trouble and cost them in the long run.

Health insurance is the ideal solution for keeping employees healthy. They can get regular checkups thanks to the coverage, which can prevent them from calling in sick.

Help With Prescriptions

Have you been to a pharmacy lately? If so, then you know it is not cheap to get prescriptions filled. Paying full price for tablets and syrups can throw a wrench in people’s budgets quickly, so much so that they may have to choose between getting meds or buying groceries for their families. More often than not, the latter wins out, and rightfully so.

However, when workers can’t obtain medicines, they have to stay away from the workplace or take the chance of infecting co-workers. Do not make your employees choose by providing them with quality health insurance. Get your quote today by visiting National Insurance Partners .

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