Why Switch To A Self Funded Solution

Nearly half of all American adults are underinsured. While some might be satisfied with their status at the moment, they quickly change their tune when an illness or injury occurs. The underinsured or uninsured individuals who find themselves without proper insurance when they need it can be left in a dire financial situation while also juggling their ability to get well without stress. Self-funded solutions allows employees to get the insurance they need at prices that employers can afford.

Switching to a self-funded solution is something that many businesses are doing today. These solutions are workable in a number of ways, as they keep prices down while ensuring that businesses are ACA compliant. Rather than paying an insurance provider for coverage, like in a traditional plan, self-funded plans allow premiums to be placed in a separate account that is used to cover claims throughout the year. This keeps premiums and overhead costs low while still providing adequate healthcare coverage.

Switching To Self-Funded Solution

Switching to a self-funded solution is something that many area businesses have been doing for the last number of years, and this is due to all of the benefits that come alongside self-funded plans. A few of these benefits include:

Getting Your Employees Insured

Getting your employees insured with a self-funded plan helps to provide businesses of all sizes with the options they need to ensure their team is taken care of. Our professionals are there to discuss your options with you and to see if a self-funded plan is right for you and your team. To learn more, contact us at National Insurance Partners to see what we can do for you today.

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