Tips For Finding The Best In-Network Doctor

Self-funded healthcare plans provide a lot of freedom to employers and employees alike. Employers are better equipped to attract and retain top talent in their respective industries, while employees know that they have what they need to keep healthy, happy, and safe. After one is covered by a healthcare plan, they can then begin searching for their healthcare provider responsible for keeping up with this care.

Finding an in-network and skilled doctor may seem like an intimidating feat at first, but there are a few easy ways you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best professionals to oversee your covered care. You’ll want to find a primary care doctor that accepts your insurance plan, one with experience, and one that is convenient to see when you need them the most.

4 Tips For Finding The Best Primary Doctor

  1. Check your coverage first – Before whittling down possible primary care doctors, make sure that you check to see if they work with your insurance provider before looking any further into the care they provide. This will save you a great deal of time doing further research on physicians that may not be covered anyway.
  1. Choose a proximity you’re comfortable with – From your home base, choose a proximity you’re comfortable with when beginning your primary care physician search. While seeing your doctor for a yearly checkup 30 minutes away may be no big deal when you’re feeling well, this might become difficult if you’re not. Keeping close to your home is much more convenient to ensure you can get proper care when sick, injured, or otherwise busy.
  1. Ask the logistical questions – Is the office prepared for virtual visits if you’d like a virtual visit? How does the office handle prescriptions? Asking the logistical questions can tell you a lot about a particular office or practice. If you’re on a tight schedule and can’t imagine waiting more than a few minutes in the waiting room, asking these simple logistical questions can help you to choose between one practice and another.
  1. Ask those you trust – If you have a community of friends and family in the area, they may have great recommendations for healthcare providers they know and trust. Asking around can give you a great foundation to start from along with some trustworthy real-world reviews.

Self-Funded Keeps You Covered

 For businesses big and small, self-funded healthcare plans provide comprehensive care with plenty of options. Employees are able to choose the primary care physicians they feel most comfortable seeing, with the peace of mind that their care is covered. For the businesses providing these employee plans, they’re given an affordable option that ensures coverage even for comprehensive policies. Self-funded plans are putting coverage within reach, and it’s something worthwhile for any business of any industry to look in to. If you’re interested in seeing what self-funded plans may be able to do for your business and employees, contact us at National Insurance Partners to learn more today.

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