HMA Group Plan Solution


HMA Group Plan Solution

The HMA Group plan solution has all the benefits of our MEC offerings. The solution offers Small Co-pays, No Deductibles, Prescription Lab Services, Drug Coverage, and even a Hospital Component for Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Room, and Ambulance Services. Plus the plans have the added benefit of advanced information solutions that provide participants:
All these services are available at a cost effective price, and a four (4) year “rate lock”.
The HMA Group Plan Solution requires a minimum group size of four (4) employees, and enrollment is open year round.
Apex products are not available in MA, ND.


Need medical atention?

Forget about having to rely on medical information that is not accurate to your needs. Why not consolidate everything you need to stay healthy inside one single place?
We built tools that make our clients life more easy. Find out how you can benefit from the tools we have built in to this application to make your healthcare needs easier to take care of.

My Plan Info

A centralized location with current medical insurance plan design information, real-time deductible-utilization and the capacity to hold up to 15 electonic ID cards

RX Market

USearch for any prescription to see what the pharmacies around you are charging for the drug, The Rx Market has an embedded manufacturers discount code for even better pricing, as well as useful information such as pictures, warnings, dosages and storage recommendations


Unlimited access to a national network of licensed doctors via telephone or video chat, who can help to diagnose and even prescribe in real-time directly from your mobile device

User Engagement

Receive important reminders about plan updates, benefit changes, feature updates and tips on how to access cost-effective and convenient healthcare whenever you need it most.

Medical Market

Medical Market Now you can search for anything from an allergy shot to a cardiovascular bypass using the current location of your mobile device, and see what different facilities are charging for different medical procedures. The results are pretty astounding

Healthcare Concierge

Instant access to a dedicated healthcare concierge that can help you better understand and more effectively utilize your benefits

How To Use Health Wallet

Your medical card data, beautifully organized from now on