Health Alliance Program

When it comes to the health of your loved ones, it’s good to have options.

Transforming Healthcare

The National Group Health Alliance is a purchasing program for employers for the purpose of jointly negotiating better insurance prices and terms and gaining long term stability in managing employee benefits.

The National Group Health Alliance (NGHA) presents an alternative self-funded employer centric market where employers can take back control, form their own purchasing pool, and succeed with self-funding.

The program offers favorable pricing and renewal rate increase caps, special underwriting provisions regarding large claim pooling, aggregate accommodation, waiver of aggregate minimums, extended runout coverage, and other favorable features not always available to small and mid-size employers.

Vision Statement

Helping National Insurance Partners Corporation become the recognized leader in providing access to quality and cost-effective healthcare programs.

Mission Statement

Empowering employer groups to maximize their employee benefit investment, while continuing to maintain the highest quality benefit design for their employees through:


Encourage quality healthcare initiatives
Expand educational initiatives by increasing opportunities
Strengthen purchasing initiatives
Strengthen purchasing initiatives

Changing The Landscape

Our focus is assisting on the development and administration of affordable, cost-effective employee benefits. We work to help transform the landscape of healthcare benefits by serving the needs of employers and their employees.

Through our rigorous evaluation and selection process we bring vendors that are top rated in the industry. We offer custom administrative programs in the areas of medical, dental, prescription drug and vision. Claim Choice also offers members electronic on line enrollment and real-time access to data analytics tools to track plan performance

Benefits Brought To You By

National Insurance Partners Corporation

We provide you with advocacy on employer healthcare issues. We work very diligently to represent your interests. If a member isn’t satisfied, neither are we.
Our low plan administration fees are not only affordable but offers you a great return on your investment because of lower fixed costs and the many benefits provided for your employees.
You have unparalleled access to free educational programs on cutting edge employer-employee benefits issues without having to pay high fees to attend out-of-town seminars.
We provide you with advocacy on employer healthcare issues. We work very diligently to represent your interests. If a member isn’t satisfied, neither are we.
Our rigorous evaluation process when selecting “best in breed” industry leaders means higher-quality benefit programs for your employees.
“Economies of scale” gives you access to our lower administrative rates and premiums, which can result in significant savings for your members and their employees.
The dollars you spend on employee benefits not only go further; they also purchase more coverage for your employees.
Powerful, top-level utilization reports, with summary and trend information on network, benefit provider, diagnosis, member demographic, and overall

Taking Back Control

Over the years and despite the efforts of the insurance companies, employer groups continue to experience unsustainable health premium increases combined with little to no access to claims information. With this program, our goal is to put employers back in control and provide a solution that lends long term cost stabilization, preserves benefits, and equips both employer group and their advisor with actionable data to drive benefits strategy.

NGHA understands these premium increases and lack of plan customization that medium sized employers face and while traditional self-funding may not be the desired funding arrangement for your business, we are excited to introduce a solution designed to provide the network coverage and ease of administration of a fully insured plan with the savings and unique solutions that level/self-funding deliver:



Retention of year-end claims account balance

Lower administrative cost structure

Improved services of top tier administration

Full access to plan's claims experiencie

Customatization of benefits, eligibility and contributions

Federal erisa preemption of state mandates

NGHA only collaborates with the best in class to provide our members with a complete package: effective solutions and total plan administration.

ClaimChoice, our plan administrator, is one of the largest independent administrators of self-funded union and association health plans in the country bringing more than 30 years of staff experience in delivering integrated, customized benefit solutions that blend flexibility and customization, unlike anyone else in the marketplace. ClaimChoice has a proven track record of significantly lowering healthcare spend for self-funded employers, making them the clear choice for our level-funded program.

Achieving Success For Long Term Solutions To Healthcare

Plan Administration

At ClaimChoice, we are committed to helping our clients manage their human capital risk. Our integrated risk management philosophy helps control current cost, while shaping future cost. Through the integration of our claim’s platform, medical management team, and reporting program, we can identify current costs, engage cost saving strategies, and help our clients make educated decisions for their employee benefit programs.

Provider Network

ClaimChoice and National Group Health Alliance deliver the strength of nationwide networks like Cigna and PHCS along with many others to ensure your employees have access to the doctors and facilities they know and trust, whenever they need them.

*The Cigna PPO Network refers to health care providers (doctors, hospitals, specialists) contracted as part of the Cigna PPO Network for Shared Administration
*The Cigna PPO Network is offered through Cigna’s contractual relationship with Zelis, Cigna is an independent company and not an affiliate of Zelis. All other products are offered by or through other vendors and are not affiliated with Cigna.

*All Cigna products and services are provided exclusively by or through operating subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, including Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company. The Cigna name, logo and other Cigna marks are owned by Cigna Intellectual Property, Inc.