Differentiate Yourself

Help your group clients gain control of health care expenses by addressing the root cause of escalating healthcare costs

Add A Self-Funded Portfolio

At Full Sail Insurance Services, we firmly believe that the future of health insurance  is now and the ERISA-based insurance chassis is the vehicle to achieve it! With all of the new insurance options available to a business, it makes sense for you as an agent to explore every opportunity to give yourself the upper hand when competing for business.

Are You Ready?

Interested in promoting a health insurance solution that puts both control and flexibility back into the hands of your employer client? Do you feel hamstrung in terms of offering viable options to your client companies due to community rating and the renewal increases you are seeing? Are you ready to promote an ERISA-based health benefits program that provides employers a turn-key solution for ACA compliance? Are you tired of spreadsheets and are ready to serve as a solution provider for your group clients?

Become the Expert

If you are an independent agent or agency, finding the right products to differentiate yourself in the employer marketplace today is challenging. As an affiliated producer with Full Sail Insurance Services, evolve your business and become the alternate funding expert for the groups you serve. Through our extensive search for the leading self-funded health insurance programs available in the small to mid-sized employer market, we can provide you with a turnkey product solution that will meet the needs of any size employer.

Enhanced Product Offerings

Differentiate yourself in today's changing benefits marketplace by adding the alternate funded health benefit solutions provided by Full Sail Insurance Services to your product offering. Out of necessity, small to mid-sized employers are looking for innovative solutions to that give them more control of their benefits. Let our unique, self-funded plan designs and integrated wellness and employee incentive programs add value to your client relationships. Ensure that you continue to be fully-integrated as a valued expert in the group proposal, advisory, and support process through promoting a benefits solution that addresses each employer's bottom line.

Turnkey, Strategic Solutions

As a Full Sail Insurance Services appointed agency, you can provide your group clients with a turnkey solution for group health, dental, vision and other ancillary benefits. We've taken the guesswork out of which products can provide your groups with the greatest flexibility for ACA-compliance, as well as a strategic road map for maintaining benefit levels while reducing plan costs over the long-run.