How To Switch To Self-Funded Healthcare

The costs of employer-sponsored healthcare for businesses are skyrocketing. On average, employers spend $21,000 a year for a family and around $7,500 a year per individual. When you are a small business owner, those expenses can quickly become a strain on your resources and cash flow. However, there are some options that will help you manage […]

Employer Benefits To Offer During The COVID 19 Crisis

COVID-19 has shaken the world. For employers, it has led to the loss of staff, increased healthcare costs, and employees regularly missing work. This has created a lot of challenges that have been met with mixed results. However, when it comes to meeting those challenges, there are many solutions that can work. Here are some of the […]

Common Reasons Employers Switch To Self-Funding Insurance

The increase in health care costs in the country forces many companies to look for more effective ways to manage expenses on their employees’ benefit plans. Additionally, experts say that overall healthcare costs are expected to increase by an average of 5.5% annually over the next decade.  What It Is An option that many businesses consider is […]

How To Find The Best Group Health Insurance Policy

Among the most important decisions that companies need to make is to choose a good health insurance plan for their employees. Aside from various benefits like vacation leaves, a lot of employees prefer employers that offer health insurance. Businesses that have a competitive benefits package tend to attract more talented candidates, retain current workers, and develop a […]

Understanding Value-Based Healthcare

A lot of people are on the hunt for value when it comes to their healthcare insurance options. These include self-employed individuals across the country looking for a good deal. With value-based healthcare plans, the providers are compensated based on the patient’s health outcomes. This applies to hospitals and physicians alike. It ultimately leads to […]

Dental Solutions Employees May Need At Some Point In Their Lives

Most citizens will not even consider jobs that do not come with health insurance. They want to be sure that they can pay for doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescriptions when issues arise. Having no coverage can turn into a nightmare quickly. That would leave them liable for costs out of pocket. Although dental insurance […]

Insurance Helps Employees Remain Healthy And Content

Everybody is worried about COVID-19 these days, and rightfully so. The virus is infecting people at an alarming rate. It is causing some patients to get extremely sick and die. However, maybe things will return to normal before long. After all, there are promising vaccines in the works. That does not mean folks can let […]

Why You Should Provide Health Insurance Instead Of Christmas Bonuses This Year

2020 has been anything but a typical year. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and it is still wreaking havoc today. The novel coronavirus has made millions and millions of people sick. It has also claimed the lives of over 270,000 Americans. The healthcare crisis has impacted various businesses, causing many of them to […]

Navigating Your Health Insurance Options Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

More and more people across the country face financial crises as the COVID-19 pandemic is still making its way through the nation. It has been reported that more than 23 million people have already lost their jobs. In addition, more than 27 million Americans are currently left without health insurance coverage as a result of the loss of […]