Benefits Of Offering Employee Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be an important benefit that employees would value. Not only does it show how much the company cares, but it also helps enhance employee performance.

 Oral Health

A lot of people overlook oral health. It may be due to daily responsibilities, such as appointments, meetings, and other work-related tasks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one in four adults in the country have untreated tooth decay. Meanwhile, about 46% of adults experience signs of gum disease.

 Any issues in oral health affect a person’s overall well-being. That means that leaving a dental issue untreated can lead to a bigger problem.

Benefits of Offering Employee Dental Insurance

Employers should help in increasing awareness by offering health insurance that includes dental care.

Finding the Right Plan

Generally, there are two ways to fund dental plans. The first one is fully insured. It involves the payment of a premium to an insurance company. It can be done in three ways. 

One, the employer pays the insurance company in full. Two, the payment is a combination of contributions from both the employer and employee. Three, the employee pays for the full premium.

The second way of funding dental insurance is through a self-funded plan. In this case, the employer will be responsible for paying claims or outsource them to an insurance carrier. 

Whatever you choose for your company, make sure that you consider the needs of your employees and the circumstances of both the business and workforce. It would also help to conduct your research to weigh the pros and cons of your options.

Dental coverage offers many benefits not only to employees but to employers as well. However, it is crucial to find the right plan.

With all the responsibilities you have as a business owner, it may be hard to check on the various options available for your employees. If you need help finding the right plan for your business or want to know more about the benefits you can offer your employees, contact our team of experts at National Insurance Partners.

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