Things To Consider Before Setting Up Self-Funded Health Insurance

Nowadays, healthcare costs are on an upward trend. With most businesses still recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, many may find it challenging to provide for their staff’s health benefits, for example, employers can expect to pay upwards of $8000 in insurance premiums per employee. If your organization is a small or mid-sized enterprise (SME), […]

5 Reasons Self-funded Insurance Is Good For Startup Businesses

Taking care of your employees should be included in your list of priorities as a good business owner, even if you are just new and starting. Your employees are the ones who are keeping your business operations running after all, and keeping them happy and satisfied by providing the right support will also reflect in […]

Workers That Can’t See Turn Into Liabilities

Those without eye problems often take their vision for granted. They can see everything from street signs to small print clearly and expect it to remain that way forever. However, as people age, it is not uncommon for their vision to deteriorate. They can no longer see as good as they once did, turning them […]